5 reasons to bring your cat for a vet check-up

As a pet owner you may think that you only need to bring your cat to the vet in the case of a serious illness or accident. In fact, there are many reasons you should bring your cat to the vet for regular check ups to ensure they live a long and happy life.

Cats are masters at hiding illness

One of the main reasons that you should bring your cat to the vet for regular check-ups is that their symptoms can be very hard to spot as cats instinctively hide pain and illness to protect themselves. By taking your cat for a vet examination they can help to catch problems before they progress and/or become more difficult to treat.

Regular visits will make the trip to the vet less stressful

If your cat only visits the vet when he or she is sick, then the visit will have negative associations and trigger fear and anxiety. More regular visits (at least once per year) can help to ease your cats anxiety and make vet visits a breeze.

Dental disease is very common

Unless you’re brushing your cat’s teeth every day (well done if you are!), plaque and tartar build up is inevitable. This can lead to dental disease, and chronic infections in the mouth cause bad breath, pain, gum disease, tooth loss and can also trigger disease elsewhere in the body. Regular check ups can help to spot the signs and allow preventative actions to be taken.

Preventative care is better than reactive care

In addition to other health issues that can be detected, annual health visits ensure your cat’s vaccines and parasite control are appropriate to the lifestyle of your pet and significant infectious and parasitic health risks that your pet and family are likely to face are avoided.

Cats age more quickly than us 

Sadly, cats have a far shorter life span than their owners and age more rapidly. In one calendar year, a cat may age the equivalent of five to fifteen years in a human’s life, which is why an annual health visit is so important.

How often should my pet have a health assessment?

This depends on the pet’s age and current health status. For adult cats, health assessments should be undertaken at least once a year. For rapidly growing kittens and for the older pet, every 6 months or more may be advisable.

Regular check ups when your cat seems well are just as important as when they are sick or injured and your vet is committed to your pet’s wellbeing every step of the way. Taking the steps to ensure your pet stays in good health is a vital part of caring for the pet you love. The best way to keep your pet on top form is with your vet’s support and advice, so make sure you schedule a check-up with your practice now.

Check out our blog post about making the vet visit a easier and less stressful for you and your cat- https://wp.me/p6wKsY-49




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