Terrible Tick Facts


Talking Ticks? Here are some facts about these small, but dangerous threats to humans and animals alike

Ticks are a common and serious threat to pet and human health. Here are some facts that you may not have known:


  • Ticks are members of the spider family (arthropods) that survive by drinking the blood of their hosts
  • Ticks are second only to mosquitos in terms of their public health importance worldwide. This is due to the diseases they transmit
  • Ticks can transmit Lyme Disease to both people and dogs
  • Milder, wetter winters mean that ticks are not just found in spring and summer, but are a year round problem
  • Ticks feed on your pet for up to 10 days, before dropping off to lay their eggs
  • Ticks are hard to kill, and can: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
    • survive for up to 3 weeks under water
    • survive for 1 year without feeding
    • be found at altitudes of 1,500 metres
    • survive a trip through the washing machine
    • survive for 24 hours at temperatures of -13C
  • A single female tick can lay up to 6,000 eggs at a time!
  • Tick saliva contains an anaesthetic, so your dog will not feel the bite and neither will you!
  • Ticks can be hard to spot; before feeding they are tiny and can be hidden in your pet’s fur


For more information about ticks, check our other articles here or visit www.bravopets.ie


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