Ticks; What is the risk to my pet?

Ticks can pose a serious risk to your pet including the transmission of Lyme Disease. Find out about the risks ticks can cause your pet.

Week 2 ticks

Ticks are a common and serious threat to pet and human health, causing a variety of health problems. The site of the bite can be become infected, causing irritation, pain and possibly leading to the development of abscesses. By far the biggest problem with ticks is the diseases they transmit.

Examples of diseases that ticks may transmit in Ireland and the UK include:

week 2 tickLyme disease

Lyme Disease is reported to be a growing problem around the world. In Europe, there was a 10-fold increase in human Lyme Disease cases between 1990 and 20101, and it is increasingly recognised as causing illness and hardship in people in Ireland2. It can also affect dogs, causing a variety of symptoms  including lameness, fever, anorexia, lethargy, swollen joints, and (albeit rarely) kidney failure. Diagnosis can be difficult, as the signs are often vague and it can take months for them to develop following the tick bite. The bacteria are difficult to eliminate, so long courses of antibiotics are usually required to treat affected pets.


Anaplasmosis – symptoms include lethargy, swollen and painful joints, vomiting, diarrhoea, and neurological signs.


Caused by a microscopic parasite that invades red blood cells of infected dogs. The disease can manifest with high temperature, increased respiratory rate, muscle tremors, anaemia, jaundice, weight loss and may be fatal. This disease is mainly found in continental Europe. There is a risk for travelling pets, but cases have recently been reported in the UK too.

For more information about ticks visit www.bravopets.ie


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